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Setting up Headless Raspberry Pi 4 as a Home Server Part 1

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I actively use Raspberry Pis for bots (like Telegram, and Twitter), getting information from connected sensors, running cryptocurrency nodes, and so on. With Ubuntu 64-bit support, Raspberry Pi 4 is more useful and affordable than many VPSs for me.

Because of lots of repetitive setup requirements, I wanted to turn the notes I took into blog posts that I can easily access later. You can think of this blog series as a cheatsheet.

Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to MicroSD Card

1-) Download Raspberry Pi Imager from

2-) Insert your MicroSD card into your computer

3-) Open Raspberry Pi Imager

rpi imager start screen

4-) Choose Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64-bit and your MicroSD card

rpi imager selection screen

5-) Click the Write

rpi imager write screen

6-) Let's wait until the writing process is done as below

rpi imager finish screen

Setting Up Wi-Fi

1-) Navigate the "system-boot” partition on the MicroSD card and edit the network-config file with your network settings

1# This file contains a netplan-compatible configuration which cloud-init
2# will apply on first-boot. Please refer to the cloud-init documentation and
3# the netplan reference for full details:
8# Some additional examples are commented out below
10version: 2
12 eth0:
13 dhcp4: true
14 optional: true
16 wlan0:
17 dhcp4: true
18 optional: true
19 access-points:
21 password: "YOUR_PASSWORD"
22# workssid:
23# auth:
24# key-management: eap
25# method: peap
26# identity: ""
27# password: "passw0rd"
28# ca-certificate: /etc/my_ca.pem

2-) Insert the MicroSD card into Raspberry Pi and power it up.

Note: In the first boot, RPI couldn't connect to Wi-Fi But after the poweroff and powerup again, it could able to connect.

Accessing Raspberry Pi Via SSH

1-) Find Raspberry Pi 4 IP address with this command

1arp -na | grep -i "dc:a6:32"

2-) Default username and password for Ubuntu 20.04 is "ubuntu". So you can connect with the following command:


And that's it. RPI is ready for your services now.


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